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Bill Buehler - Reshel Grid Master

Bill Buehler - Reshel Grid Master

William Buehler is a retired U.S. Naval Commander who has an in-depth spiritual overview & expertise of the "Reshel" grids that exist on the planet. He is considered the patriarch of Reshel Grid 'rediscovery', mechanics and function. He is the founder and author of the 'Shamir Letter' . He has accumulated his knowledge over thirty years of intense study & application while interpreting and participating in Light Synergy groups.

A man of integrity, humility and vast knowledge, Bill has profound knowledge on the topic of Reshel Grids, their ancient origin, function and role in the upcoming Ascension.

Bill makes rare appearances - opportunities you do not want to miss.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Crop Circles & Solomae Temple, May 2009 VA & England

From: Bill Buehler

May 15, 2009

Re: Crop Circles in Virginia & England in May 2009

This is to report a crop formation linked with the activation of the modified version of the SOLOMAE TEMPLE format. This temple activation was accomplished by 32 persons in 4 light-group processes in the time frame: 1 through 5 May, 2009, at Charlottesville, VA, USA. The crop formation appeared in England on the night of 4 May and is clearly part of the process in Virginia.

File: ArkTempleSolomaeReport01.doc

SUBJECT: This is to report a crop formation linked with the activation of the modified version of the SOLOMAE TEMPLE format. This temple activation was accomplished by 32 persons in 4 light-group processes in the time frame: 1 through 5 May, 2009, at Charlottesville, VA, USA. The crop formation appeared in England on the night of 4 May.


1. http://www.spiritmythos.org/TM/solar-lunar/sacred_an.htm Ark of An history

2. http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ArkGeoPoles01.pdf Ark worksheet, example

3. http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/TempleSolomae01a.pdf Temple plan

4. http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/TempleSolomae01a.pdf Temple stairs

5. http://www.spiritmythos.org/TM/MA/leo.html Solomae Temple described

6. http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/TempleSolomae02.pdf Light group plan used

7. http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/TempleSolomae02GroupCropForm.pdf fairly good parallel with the temple stations.

8. http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/TempleArkSolomaeCrop01.pdf Formation with Reshel

9. http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/OrionSiriusPleiades02.pdf UrMaga, part of the system.

10. http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ResAeriopax02.pdf Aeriopax system, used in the Ascension process and in the LP-40 Time transition event.

BACKGROUND: For the past 2 years a new Ark has been progressively developed and inserted into the collective Gaia/Racial Mind/Soul (World Soul) in stages. This Ark system replaces the "Ark of Karma" (aka the "Ark of the Covenant") and is the original Metatronic Ark transported into this Continuum reality long ago. Now it is regenerated in the World Soul to support Humanity in the present Time transition back into our normal Metatronic universe continuum. It has in the past been best attuned to female heart dynamics but now has also been added to by the male upgrade. (Refs 1-2)

Furthermore and most importantly, it has begun to be installed in physical humans. At this time there are about 15 persons with it. It is intended to augment a person's light bodies.

The new Ark requires a new Temple, replacing the Solomon Temple format. The temple is a modified version of that known as the SOLOMAE TEMPLE (Refs 3-4). This was duplicated by 32 persons in the group plan representing the major stations (Ref 6) and activated on 2 May.

At the advent of the Messiah an “Eastern Star” was noted in the East. It then moved to a point over Bethlehem (Matt 2:9). Yeshua embodied the Adam-Kadmon template (New Race/DNA... objective of this continuum: to create the New Race). Ref 9 is a portion of the Celestial Telesphere that is represented by the Eastern Star (Sirius). This celestial system is named “UrMaga: Star of the Magi” and is the Helio-Mar creation matrix processing the Kadmon creation. The objective of the workshop was to link with the UrMaga matrix, using the Ark enhanced Temple format as the most suitable light-system capable of receiving Kadmon DNA codes now needed by the World Soul: effectively continuing the action-line instituted at the Messianic advent.


On the evening of 1 May the group was instructed and shown key designs: intention: to provide for people’s pre-event calibration to the highly charged processes.

On 2 May the first process established the Temple in the etheric and mental planes.

Added objective: to provide for persons to be introduced to the group method (Synergic, free flow under Hierarchical guidance). This was also using an advanced system for each person to link directly with an innerplanes Master to individually control energy exposure and to perform in the synergic mode. (The dual-dipole Dione Couplet was used by individuals.)

Other protocols were also used for energy and thought-form management on instruction by ThothHorRa Khandr (usually known as Thoth-Hermes) who was overseeing the project, part of the Michael Mandate programs. The members also needed another night for further calibration.


The 2nd process, on 3 May, first prepared the Temple and group with about 15 minutes of intense free-flow.

Then we reinitialized and set up the UrMaga procedure which used Parhelia imagery placing the East Star, Sirius in the center in such a way that the UrMaga axis was viewed as a star-point, end on.

This was accomplished with the innerplanes mentors using advanced “Blue Field, Blue Needles” technology along with other remarkable technologies. We completed in the usual 40 minute exposure time.

Of special note: the Eastern Star insertion “L-shifted” in the LION position next to the Molten Sea formation, thence to link the TADZEKIEL (archangel), LION with the DNA KEY with a point over the group, then retruned with the codes. The was a result of a BLUE NEEDLE FIELD that carried the UrMaga charge sequentially through the line of group stations up to the LION group. (This also involved many other events in the process.)


The 3rd process on 4 May fine-tuned the Temple with a N-S oriented Reshel system anticipating the installation of the vital AERIOPAX system in the 4th process on 5 May.

This uses 16 poles; we had enough members to double the poles. This establishes a special field: the Zenxii, 6 states of being (Ref 10) in resonance with the Kadmon state of being.

Another recurring dynamic was the repeated appearance of a bride and groom form of couplet. In the context of the 4 processes this would represent the “Mystic Marriage” as part of the “birth of a New Race” in a Messianic level of being but now relating to the whole New Heaven and New Earth involving the three realms: angelic, human, and devic.


Reports are not presently available from the participants. Two other poles were operative: (1) the Clan Sinclair NEWPORT TOWER ...part of the triune Bo-Az Pillar in the transcontinental Solomon Temple grid... Montichello, Trinity Point and Charlottesville form the triune Yah-Chen Pillar. And (2) Arthur Clarke’s new temple ring activated ... these processes linking with the Charlottesville event.


A remarkable formation appeared on the night of 4 May in England at Clapton near Manton, Wiltshire. Study of its geometry is still ongoing however enough has been done to clearly see its correspondance to both the Ark and Reshel systems (Refs 7-8).

Since it is obviously related to the UrMaga processes we have had several group procedures where the groups entered the formation to learn about its nature and function. Every process has linked it to advanced DNA states as well as Reshel formats.


One Example: (Source: Carol Mann/William Buehler): We find that it contains blinding white light, a library of “Gem Scrolls” relating to DNA (see Appendix A) with codes sensitive to sound tones. The formation is a system for manifesting DNA in a “Holy of Holies” as a form of “creation space or engine.”

In the Ark it refines the Ark to a whole new level of “exquisite” precision in focalizing energies equivalent to nanoparticles of more potency and focus. Purifies at infinite level of direction, in reference to the Gem Bodies (Ap A).

The basic Ark form can be used now, with the “Bar-En” formation, in a more active mode without energy damage that would have existed before, also applies to persons with “Ark resonance” short of an installed Ark in the body.

When added to the Ark Pillar it provides a smoother action and integration with the other composite Pillar systems used by the Ark: Zoii, Layooesh, M-Stra Pillars.

The Bar-En is a 4th pillar template. It provides increased focus for all the other pillars, this focus sensed as a beam or flash of light where Spirit touches the Form without shock.

The “Self” becomes a Sun/star with the light shining from its central Essence outward, from the ‘flash’ effect. Many sun-star selves are formed. (THR notes “This also describes more “Sons/Suns of God.”)



Present evaluation in the ongoing investigation: The Bar-En system is in effect the “Tadzekial (DNA) Key” controlled by the Lion of God represented by the Golden Star MAZURIEL (Sacred Heart, Manifest, and the Central Suns of all Central Suns). The link into the Celestial URMAGA matrix dowloading Kadmon DNA codes is firmly established as of the 2nd process on the 3rd of May.

The effect of this action was to open the World Soul to a vastly more efficient DNA manifestation level and degree, its program inserted into the World Soul via the Bar-En system or “Tadzekiel Lion-Key” including the physical insertion in the crop formation dynamic via England.

The formation also added to an already profound grid installed during the period of the Olympics, 3 formations being involved and centering in the Alton Barnes White-Horse.

The Bar-En formation also works via its own local White Horse connection to the Alton Barnes grid. The expanded grid links directly into Glastonburth Tor, thence to all the European Metatronic Reshel grids and those in the Americas, and also to the ALIKAR grid, probably the main one in Europe manifesting the Sacred Heart, Mazurial, et al. The double-horse grid amplifies Avebury as the Alikar grid’s Resh pole (Chief Head Stone).

The Bar-En system will be made a permanent addition to the 7-Ark human add-on.



(Extracts from http://www.spiritmythos.org/members/codices_oracles/pure_gem.htm )

The prismatic lines of light conform to the surface levels of the directive flow of cosmic energy. When entering the earth dimension, cosmic energy crystalizes its directive channels. That is not to say that the energy itself is crystalized, for cosmic actions are never frozen in time, but the directive or purpose of that energy in its geometric conformity to universal law is suggested by the crystalized, prismatic state of the Pure Gem.

The mind of man is able to fuse his consciousness with these directives, and through the relativity of his needs, release his divine potential through signals of geometric, prismatic lines of thought-energy. A co-existent cosmic structure to this thought-energy is the Temple Light. This is a state of order in the etheric plane of consciousness. It is the indivisible time - the NOW infinity.

In the Temple Light all time is NOW, willed by the relativity of the beholder. Souls are expanded continuously through time, all within the same instant, creating multiple realities. We are generally consciously aware of only one "self," and aware of our self existing in one instant at a time. In actuality, our souls are not tied by such finite bonds.


The Temple Light, therefore, is a mechanism for the gathering of souls into a commitment of flexible realities. It began long before the earth breathed its first creative sigh, but also it could be said that it begins NOW, in the moment you read this. Although such continuity of the soul is a cosmic law applied to all souls, the Order of Temple Light are those souls initiated through recognition, for the purpose of sustaining divine knowledge through all the generations of existence. Through the Temple Light you may receive instruction from your higher self in a past or future character and also the past or future characters of other souls whom you know or have known.

  1. Because the Temple Light is an order or group of souls dedicated to a specialized purpose it would seem that it would be selective in its initiates. Yet the Temple Light is not temporal, but the etheric archetype of all physically manifest sacred orders. Therefore, the initiation process of this higher order is not bound to secular conformity. The Temple Light is timeless - the resultant synthesis of past, present and future. It is then numberless in initiates, excluding no souls as all souls eventually attain the ability of etheric sovereignty, thus opening the "door" of the soul's super-consciousness to the realization of its multiple continuity.

Once this is achieved, the soul is fully realized within the Temple Light. It becomes aware of its continuous being through multiple characters of karmic circumstance, each character being the higher presence of the soul during an individual incarnation.

The souls of the Temple Light are energy extensions of the Eternal Being. While the soul is projected within a physical system [i.e. incarnate], the higher presence of the soul, while resuming the identity of that physical system, is not bound by temporal relativity, but rather it is free to express the total soul through the gnosis of divine reason. In this timeless forum of thought, it is not the higher presence that is the duplication of the physical system.

The higher presence is the divine realization of the soul - the archetypal oversoul who assumes the character of the temporal half in order to communicate its existence to that incarnate form within the denser projections of its being.

As the soul is released from one character and assumes another, via reincarnation, the oversoul or higher presence encompasses the new character. As all time is one in the etheric plane, the soul does not discard past identities for newer ones, but instead encompasses new dimensions of experience as an expansion, increasing its design. Each character remains as a golden bead of intelligence upon the string of time while yet another bead is added by the infinite artisan of divine law.

Understand, that the Temple Light is a structure of intelligence expressed through the vehicle of experience. A soul resonating within the Temple Light displays the many phases of its karmic experience, expressing each character to the fullest, all the while maintaining the pure gnostic value of its purest essence. This essence always remains true to the PURE value of the soul, despite the myriad expressions of the personality in incarnation.

The structure of the Temple Light is built on the foundation of divine and cosmic law. It is this law that is the core of the Pure Gem, the Temple Light being the etheric externalization of this profound principle.

The Pure Gem is therefore a synthesis of soul presence and human behavior, which when realized forms a pure structure, a line of action on the physical plane that is in perfect alignment with the energized intelligence of man. Consequently, what is NOW? What in essence is qualitative only, through the realization of the Pure Gem, will become also quantitative in our physical reality. Through incarnation the soul will multiply and grow (evolve) it's 'quality' of presence within specific manifested forms. It will then be able to interact physically with spiritual properties more precisely and effectively.

Man will thus find his world in the highest phase of its physical evolution, that point of cosmic chemistry which is the last vestige of atomic gravitation binding the soul. Enveloped in the etheric plane, man and his world will become a finely faceted state of purification before the release of his physical nature. As individual souls evolve into higher stages of existence, so does the earth as a whole.

The Pure Gem state is the final collective effort of earth's incarnate souls to achieve physical unity within an etheric perspective. The physical body inhabited by such souls will become ONE with the whole spectrum of the soul's greater being. Through his pure gem state, man will ultimately realize the multiple characters of his soul and utilize the experiences of his past and future selves.

By contracting and focusing our energies into one conscious realization, we will explicate the true cosmogony, in turn, releasing ourselves from the need for physical experience. For in the understanding of the creation of the physical cosmogony in the comprehension of physical order, man will cut himself free from his insecurities which place him in doubt of his role in the universal schematic.

Not unlike an orphaned child, mankind has ardently longed for its celestial heritage. Through the recognition of the consummation of his seed, man will thirst no more in the regions of physical worlds, but ascend into the fuller domains of heaven. In order to achieve this realization, the human system must connect to its higher presence and the soul within must be absorbed within its oversoul - its True Self.

While the accumulation of knowledge to man's conscious senses is essential in his mental development, it is the application of knowledge through his physical reaction to the cosmic principle that constitutes the realization of the soul. In his choice of physical alignment to cosmic reason, man places himself in the flow of nature, building a structured sense analogous to his divine character or spirit. In this decisive action, he conspires with his senses to duplicate the creative acts of Universal Intelligence. While he makes few attempts to declare his absolute allegiance to the Source, or the true basic laws, he creates in pantomime, a definitive logos, in which the codex of all universal law may be found.

It is time for man to retrace his own symbology for an accurate disclosure of his relationship to the Universal Mind that recognizes his existence. Within this Pure Gem Codex is to be found a symbolical representation of the prismatic lines that extend from the Universal Reconing and interact with the actions of souls, forming a golden mean of harmony in the higher expression of the soul which is capable of creating atomic synchronization and ultimately, physical reality.

Current Commentary: The Universal Reconing is a mechanism for re-calibration of the primal Universal Conic Section for the purpose of converting unqualified universal energy into qualified signals of activation that give rise to specific light-encoding used in the manifestational worlds of existence.

--------END EXTRACTS APP. A--------


These are both Carol Mann’s dreams:

This is reporting a crop formation which appeared on 4 May after we did two processes establishing the SOLOMAE TEMPLE on 2 and 3 May at Charlottesville, VA. I've done two fast and rough analyses of it and its clearly connected to the Temple as well as the new 7-Ark system. This ark system is being installed in physical humans and we used it to form the Temple.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/TempleSolomae02GroupCropForm.pdf fairly good parallel with the temple stations.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/TempleArkSolomaeCrop01.pdf first glance to determine Reshel/Ark harmonics, first draft.

We are now trying to collect experiential info: group, individuals. Here are two dreams of Carol's that directly relate:

Dream: Carol Mann, 11 May:

Had a dream last night which included the crop circle add on/response to our Solomae Temple format. The crop circle version was spread across the country and spreading across the world, and huge pillars of fire hundreds of feet high ( not real fire, the fire that does not burn) were shooting skyward from each of the "nodes" ( where the black circles appear on the graphic of
the crop circle). It had the feeling of expanding aspects of being the dragon in our group process in C-ville. Am interested in your thoughts.

WSB Comment: We have yet to find out what the nodes do but the first glance shows them to be dual-dipole Dione Couplets. With this, they also strongly suggest the double-octahedron DNA's M-Stra molecule Alpha-Omega Pillar:



This idea would fit well with the M-Stra pillars being columns of flame or "Fearless Flame" pillars, one being above the Solomae Temple altar.


Dream: Carol Mann: 12 May

Here is another potentially important piece of info which clarifies additional aspects of my experience in Charlotesville. Likely this application of the two Solomae matrices has generalized relevance, as well.

Lucid dream: I am lying down inside the temple of Solomae such that my body extends from one end of the Temple matrix, to the other. The layout of the entire temple matrix rises from underneath my body and permeates my cells and DNA. My DNA and cells are being cleared/cleansed of residual karmic/dharmic thought forms. (For the moment I am leaving out the specifics of personal sensations experienced and patterns which were brought to my awareness and cleared.)

Following this clearing and while still lying down embodying the full span of the Temple, the pattern of the crop circle version of the matrix descended from above and infused my cells and DNA with the next phase of upgraded frequencies for quickening alignment to and manifestation of the full light spectrum.This was a pleasant blending...no drama...an important part of the alchemy of ascension.

Emerging speculation: These geometries seem to be (not surprisingly...but somehow newly clarified for me) x-grams...which can be used in a variety of ways to quicken to the new DNA and anchor it, at whatever level a person is ready.
If this is true, then I am feeling inspired to create and facilitate a 2 day intensive workshop, which is a variation of a light group for people who have already had a Soul Reading with me. I will wait for your comments on that that is above, before then sharing with you a proposed outline for the workshop.

WSB Comment: Your becoming the Temple is totally in keeping with the ancient dynamic but now its in a much larger context. The 6-way axis of the 7 Arks can fit, centered with the Holy Sea in the chest area and feet out along the extended staircase: Eden Gate (feet), Lion Gate (knees), Porch (thighs). A new idea.

I like the approach wherein any person, with or without "installation" can come into an increased resonance with the Ark AND its complementary Temple... they go together. We also need to find out more about how it complements the light bodies and will probably have to phase them in too(?). And Adam's Soul-Breathing looks very promising along with the other approaches.

So far it is beginning to appear that the crop formation is also an advanced Ark geometry as well as Temple plug-in in the same way the Solomae Temple is the Ark format and Temple system. But it has the added dynamic of being both a crop formation as well as earth and temple grid.

We should also view the Planet as a form/being correlating with the Human... it must have its own form of Ark installation, I think, but resonant with the Human. The Formation may be the system to do that: reconcile the two as well as load up the UrMaga celestial system supporting the Messianic Grid and state of being.

Don't forget the two Courts: inner and outer. THR is insistent that both be included.



Bar-En is short for "barren" ...when light is present and then disappears, the "barrenness" of the space of the vacuum becomes evident. In the crop formation there are layers of systems that are different in their qualities of light. This formation happens to be presenting the layer of the absence of "light". This does not mean it is barren of spiritual light. It is, to the contrary, in it's darkness representing a profound quality of spirit. This formation has reached a perfection of light that is the new basis of the Asension. To do "the work" needed one has to understand the process of creation. To use this crop formation one must be able to reach the "Silence" which is only That which is before the new beginning and new intelligence.

It is good that our group that met last week has this time to quiet themselves and get in touch with this formation. If we can bring to our understanding that process that is "under" this formation we can then better use it's power.

The next (2nd) layer beneath this formation is alive with many energies that are moving in many fast changing "electric" formations. I see a shaft of light beaming through the formation on its 2nd layer, from the top. It is shining from the top right corner of the formation down at an angle through the bottom left. This is intended to "steady" the activity and to bring it into patterns and systems contained in boundaries.

We each have our own job to do with this message from the circle. It is up to us to tune in to the formation, especially to the second layer, and bring from it our past experience and talents.

A new threshold is laid out. We are all contained within it's borders.

Message from "SN" an angelic order from the Christos. (WSB: "SN" may be the "Order of Sinn" once located at Mt. Sinai. Also related to the Reshel system and the Pool(s) of Sinn/Life/Moon.)

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Basic Bill Links

Homepage is at

Attachments need GOOGLE EARTH to open. This is very useful to grid workers.

Greetings Reshel-Pat,

Our leader in Hawaii was named Patricia-Rachel Diegel... responsible for rebooting the Reshel system(s) in the early 1970s, died a number of years ago. A few dozen of us were from a future ashram at Wolf-Creek Pass, come back in Time to do the job. Pat's future self ran the Ashram, named ORION.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/Titan03a.pdf The center of this primary Reshel grid (Europe Goddess system) is La Rochelle, Templar sea port... same as Reshel in French and appropriately the female Chief Head Stone.

http://www.templartrails.co.uk/tours/reshel.aspx Jackie Queally uses it (with others) to teach the Reshel to her tour-workshop clients.

http://www.templartrails.co.uk/tours/rosslyn.aspx her typical programe at Rosslyn and area.

Then you've probably heard of Peter Champoux and his Arkhom Grid covering the Eastern US/Canada (and beyond). Arkhom was known to the Atlan Rutan priests as the "Gamiish" grid and was rebooted by the Henry Sinclair mission in 1398 CE. Peter has a book THE GAIA MATRIX you might wish to have. (Trinity Point is included in the Westford Knight schematic you will have heard about from the others there.)

This phamphlet (KOALA) is the best I've found for describing the cosmology most accurately supporting the Metatronic systems (24 Breasplates) and Reshel systems (3rd Breastplate). It describes the Fall, natrure of Time, the real Universes, etc.

Apparently our Universe reality was created to create a new form of human with a new form of the normal 12-strand DNA molecule. The "Fall" is just a side distraction albeit highly distracting. We are given 20 cycles to accomplish that, we're in the last of the 19th and are now overlapping into the 20th. The 19th began when Atlantis finally went down (about 9500 BCE in linear Time). The Michael Mandate refers:
(Thoth/Maia Nartoomid): "MANDATE OF THE VIOLET FLAME: (MICHAEL MANDATE: Root of the ABACUS MANDATE, a simplified summary.)

"Established by the AMETHYST THRONE (high level of Archangelic Hierarchy) under the authority of the Archangel Michael to proclaim and govern the development of Light Redemption within the Oritronic Universe.

"It's main tenet for Earth is the unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races, through the redemption of the Nephilim "Fallen Factor". Since all human races on Earth contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal consciousness', this principle of solvency must occur beginning at the DNA level of each individual on the planet.
" The Nature Races (Devas, animals) are also involved in the synergy of Light Forms toward development of full Light Metatronic receipt. All beings on Earth share in this program of Light Redemption."

Hawaii is the Roil/Royale pole accessing the whole Gaia/Racial Mind/Soul similar to the human head/brain (the Gaia/Racial Mind duplicates that with Greece as the ajna/brow opposite Hawaii: Europe as right forebrain, Mideast as left... explaining politics, religions, destiny of nations and groups, et al).
Some Reshel graphics:

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/RESHELBASICBBa.pdf schmatic of consciousness and supporting energy systems (half of it, the other half is the same but reversed). The two halve are constantly cycling through each other (and parting) to create and discreate the systems in correct sequence.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ReshelVaults01-02.pdf These are some of the major "Vaults" (reality frames) generated in the cycling. #2, Vault of Passage, is the star tetrahedron or "Flower of Life" most people know about, for example.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ReshelVaults01-01.pdf #6, 7 is the AERIOPAX system. The Reshel with the Aeriopax is the primary driver for Ascension over the many ages (20 cycles) and the system effecting "LP-40" (Light Principle #40) or the actual Time-shift. Thus the huge emphasis on the system in the total existance of this Universe system... last notably used by the Templars and then Masons (they know nothing of it now). Psalm 118:19-28 applies.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ResAeriopax02.pdf Aeriopax's 6 states of being. 16 poles can be used by light-groups to duplicate. This uses two Reshels working together... or more... the geometry uses two. The Reshel is also known as the Techad (innerplanes language) or the "ISIS Eye."


ReshelMeasurementRhombus01.pdf The golden ratio rhombuses are the "Eye of Ra" Time gates/pillars, the two systems noted in Psalm 118... the two pillars/gates are the "Gates of the Righteous" and the central pillar (Layooesh) is the "Gate of the Lord" (Yahway in the Yahway-Elohim formula).

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/Lindis12b.pdf Very interesting use of the Reshel and its Time gates ("L" format, in the rhombus). Uses the Bird-Serpent Staff of Asklepios (John 3:14-15) which activates the Cetacean 13th Zodiacal sign (Delphinus in Capricorn).

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/LindisL11a.pdf Geometry of the Lindisfarne "L", strangely also found in London's grid.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/RosslynPlanLgate01.pdf Reshel and L-gates found in Rosslyn Chapel (partial drawing)... example

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ChartresFront02B.pdf Reshel used at Chartres. This vertical system hinges horizontally so the Rose Window overlaps (L-shifts) to the Labyrinth.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ChartresLabyrinthPulpit02.pdf red dots are where people would be stationed... originally when the cathedral was up to speed, when built. Light groups can duplicate.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ChartresPlanLGate02.pdf Chartres has an L-Gate chapel similar to Rosslyn's. The plan uses 4 Reshels (8-poled ring); only two shown here for simplicity. The Labyrinth Reshel system with Towers, is the main working system. The TEMPLA MAR format is used (graphic above Roil Point, 1st one)

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/MALTAmnajdra01A.pdf example in an ancient temple, at Malta.
I have dozens of earth grid graphics.

Yours Aye,