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Bill Buehler - Reshel Grid Master

Bill Buehler - Reshel Grid Master

William Buehler is a retired U.S. Naval Commander who has an in-depth spiritual overview & expertise of the "Reshel" grids that exist on the planet. He is considered the patriarch of Reshel Grid 'rediscovery', mechanics and function. He is the founder and author of the 'Shamir Letter' . He has accumulated his knowledge over thirty years of intense study & application while interpreting and participating in Light Synergy groups.

A man of integrity, humility and vast knowledge, Bill has profound knowledge on the topic of Reshel Grids, their ancient origin, function and role in the upcoming Ascension.

Bill makes rare appearances - opportunities you do not want to miss.

Email: roslinne@fairpoint.net

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Transition: Arks, Rainbows


Your picking up Sun-Essence is also important re the Ark's "Sophra-Sphere", etc. We all have star-essence in our light bodies and our programs. This is presently becoming more focused and vital probably due to the Ark's expanding "presence." We are also working with a super important group of constellations we're calling the "UrMaga" (Star of the Magi) which is clearly directly linked into the generation of the New Race, the Adam Kadmon template.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/OrionSiriusPleiades02.pdf this is what the UrMaga looks like, so far. The attachment is a draft paper I've just started re the UrMaga.

http://www.spiritmythos.org/misc/defs/solarius.htm this describes the Solarians.


Your working at the "ARK": Rainbow Hospice Organization is significant, I agree. Clearly referring to Noach's Ark (NOT "Noah") which is a major matrix the Templars used, its essence in Genesis 9:12-29 referring to the Bow in the Cloud.

 the "bow" is the crescent over the Ark's Cover. It uses a specific angle (Nuur angle: 26.3 deg) and defines the size and function of various rings/spheres in the Ark's Cloud. The "Noach-Ark" complements the one we're working with by processing the action outside our Earth range, out in the stars. The "Flood" of 40 days is the Time continuum: Hebrew codes: letter mem, #40, the "waters of Time." The Noach Ark is the "hole in time", the sacred-gap. Noach (58) means "Silence, Rest" reading in one direction and "Grace, Love" (word "Chen") reading in the other. (The Templars used the number in the formula CAPUT LVIIIM or RESH 58-1000 in Hebrew, the Resh (#200) being the Chief Head Stone.) I saw the Noach-Ark rainbow last year... touched my life forever. It used the Nuur angle, was very bright and a "supernumery" multi-bow. Joan and I were driving home and it appeared, very low to achieve the exact crescent, with the Sangre de Cristo mountains in the background. It lasted about 2 minutes, exactly as we drove by in the only place it could be seen. (Our group that day was given the Noach Ark info... I was out of town then.)

http://www.atoptics.co.uk/rainbows/supers.htm Noach's Bow; the one I saw was brilliant with 3 bright bows very clear. The Ark has 5 concentric arks in one matrix; ostensibly the overall Ark would have a crescent-bow with 5 supernumeraries.

IF you are in a strong Ark harmonic yourself, or installing one, you'd be in a good place to assist people in transitioning using the Ark matrix codes to facilitate it with a higher clarity and state of Grace or "58" state. The crescent-bow is created by the Resh pole or Chief Head Stone. This is well explained in 1 Peter 2:4-9, Eph 2:19-22. The "Gate" part of this is found in Psalms 118:19-23... technical but its there and is organized by the crescent/cup/bow. The "Resh(ah" is also found in the name of God: I Am That I Am: "Ehye Asher Ehye" read in reverse as "Heya Resha Heya." (This is also a synergic group formula.) You don't have to lecture the people going through the Gate(s), your just being there is sufficient... the souls communicate but it might help if you are a bit more mentally briefed in the background metaphysics.


I think we all feel "out of our League" and we aren't really sure what our League (club) IS. I think the feeling is fine... just means we are in change, as always, one can hope.

You may wish a bit more orientation re "Ascension" ...transition to a Metatronic continuum reality, well beyond this one. This is the 19th time the Race has done it over about 1/2 million years of linear Time. There are a total of 20 cycles in this long "Program" and we are going into the 20th now. Each of these cycles has its overall curriculum, this last one was short, about 13,000 years since Atlantis went down. I personally think it was the "Messianic" Cycle... the big avatars, religions and Messiah to peak it off. "Individual illumination" the core curriculum, prepping for synergic groups to do the same thing but as a synergic unity. E Pluribus Unum. This permits the group to get into higher levels of function in company with resonant groups in the innerplanes, needed for the World Soul to get on with it.

The best piece of paper that explains this continuum is the KOALA put out by Simeon and Maia. Its a bit technical in spots but the main gist of it is manageable. Highly recommended.

http://www.shsstore.org/info/ARTCL-0001.htm topics addressed


ordering page ($7.77, US)

Our "League" has its hierarchical action-line. At the top is the highest archangel: Metatron, this includes the Office of the Christos. Then the Seraphic group: "Ennead" (group of 9), then Michael (Michael Mandate) and the Amethyst Throne (archangelic). There are the innerplanes Masters and their own "merkaba" (spiritual field) action groups/orders, et al. The one most of us are in, maybe everyone, is the "13th" interface and shift outfit, the "Chariot (Merkaba) of the Sun" which has 13-cubed number of souls (2197) under what most know as "Thoth-Hermes" (a title) but is now in a more advanced stage to keep up with the Program, title and name: "ThothHorRa Khandr." He is channeled by Maia Mallika whom I've known since about 1974, in our group in Hawaii. I've worked with dozens of great channels but the technical level of my work requires the broad scope and depth of her product, including the assistance by THR. So now I listen to many but focus on THR/Maia's info.

This is a short version of the MICHAEL MANDATE:


Established by the AMETHYST THRONE (high level of Archangelic Hierarchy) under the authority of the Archangel Michael to proclaim and govern the development of Light Redemption within the Oritronic Universe.

"It's main tenet for Earth is the unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races, through the redemption of the Nephilim "Fallen Factor". Since all human races on Earth contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal consciousness', this principle of solvency must occur beginning at the DNA level of each individual on the planet.

" The Nature Races (Devas, animals) are also involved in the synergy of Light Forms toward development of full Light Metatronic receipt. All beings on Earth share in this program of Light Redemption."


In the past few years the Ark and its Temple field are being installed by increments into the World Soul. This has required a physical group of people to ground the vast Program. We are like a crop formation, a synaptic bridge into/from the collective Gaia/Racial Mind/Soul, so we have to come into the vibrational range and capability to make it happen. This has been my own training, in stages, since 1972 while I was still in the Navy then in Hawaii. I work directly with Carol Mann in Jackson Hole (Ascension grid heart chakra, of 12) and the main "seed" codes seem to be coming through her. Then the group here in Crestone (crown chakra) process the "seeds" as a unified heart-crown flow. Now the East Coast people are moving the action line deeper and wider, beginning in the Ark flow, as a group-entity, last November at Charlottesville. Judi also phased in; she appears to be bringing a wide base of persons into Ark resonance with a simple but very effective method. Peter Allen in Charlottesville is the chief coordinator on the East Coast. I'm 74 and seem to be phasing out while he is phasing in.

The people with Arks installed are the only ones in the Planet at this time, THR tells us. This is just the beginning and all humans in the Metatronic New Earth-Star continuum will have the Ark-suite augmenting their 9 light bodies but in a more expanded version than we are now experiencing.

Bill Bueher
via email


akashic definition of: Solarius / Solarians /Solarian Rays

The Solarians are those souls which were separated from the first beams of soul generation into Creation Stars which were resonant with the Solarius. They were cultivated to be the guardians and servants of the Sacred Rays of Life Creation. These are the Sun Children, for (here on Earth) in sensitivity they are much like little children, as they maintain a blithe spirit. The Solarians are the scouts, the cosmic frontiersmen. Those who clear the sacred Earth and raise the bridges and build the temples from His cosmic blueprint... Before the last bridge is raised all souls (of Earth) shall gather the beams... There are those souls with divine mission who are not from the Light Races of the "Children of the Sun" (Solarians) who arose in later ages to take up the torch. They, too, form circles of Light on the Earth. One day all will be received into the Keeping of the Atonic Flame.

Simply put, the Solarians represent the many stellar races, basically what we would relate to as "human", as compared to angelic or devic souls. Their programs would include generating avatars, messiahs, religions, nations and culture frames across Time. This is a large reason why safe and efficient Time gates are included in Light work: to collaborate with the Solarians and their projects in non-linear Time. Their symbols are the sacred birds (and the collective group of them), sometimes called the Starr-Eagles or Eagles of Starr. The Golden Bee is also their symbol. They have also been known as the Shepherds or Shepherd Kings.

more more information on Solarius, Solarians and the Solarians Rays:

"The Source", issue 4 - 1981 / "The Souce", issue 4 - 1983

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Basic Bill Links

Homepage is at

Attachments need GOOGLE EARTH to open. This is very useful to grid workers.

Greetings Reshel-Pat,

Our leader in Hawaii was named Patricia-Rachel Diegel... responsible for rebooting the Reshel system(s) in the early 1970s, died a number of years ago. A few dozen of us were from a future ashram at Wolf-Creek Pass, come back in Time to do the job. Pat's future self ran the Ashram, named ORION.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/Titan03a.pdf The center of this primary Reshel grid (Europe Goddess system) is La Rochelle, Templar sea port... same as Reshel in French and appropriately the female Chief Head Stone.

http://www.templartrails.co.uk/tours/reshel.aspx Jackie Queally uses it (with others) to teach the Reshel to her tour-workshop clients.

http://www.templartrails.co.uk/tours/rosslyn.aspx her typical programe at Rosslyn and area.

Then you've probably heard of Peter Champoux and his Arkhom Grid covering the Eastern US/Canada (and beyond). Arkhom was known to the Atlan Rutan priests as the "Gamiish" grid and was rebooted by the Henry Sinclair mission in 1398 CE. Peter has a book THE GAIA MATRIX you might wish to have. (Trinity Point is included in the Westford Knight schematic you will have heard about from the others there.)

This phamphlet (KOALA) is the best I've found for describing the cosmology most accurately supporting the Metatronic systems (24 Breasplates) and Reshel systems (3rd Breastplate). It describes the Fall, natrure of Time, the real Universes, etc.

Apparently our Universe reality was created to create a new form of human with a new form of the normal 12-strand DNA molecule. The "Fall" is just a side distraction albeit highly distracting. We are given 20 cycles to accomplish that, we're in the last of the 19th and are now overlapping into the 20th. The 19th began when Atlantis finally went down (about 9500 BCE in linear Time). The Michael Mandate refers:
(Thoth/Maia Nartoomid): "MANDATE OF THE VIOLET FLAME: (MICHAEL MANDATE: Root of the ABACUS MANDATE, a simplified summary.)

"Established by the AMETHYST THRONE (high level of Archangelic Hierarchy) under the authority of the Archangel Michael to proclaim and govern the development of Light Redemption within the Oritronic Universe.

"It's main tenet for Earth is the unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races, through the redemption of the Nephilim "Fallen Factor". Since all human races on Earth contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal consciousness', this principle of solvency must occur beginning at the DNA level of each individual on the planet.
" The Nature Races (Devas, animals) are also involved in the synergy of Light Forms toward development of full Light Metatronic receipt. All beings on Earth share in this program of Light Redemption."

Hawaii is the Roil/Royale pole accessing the whole Gaia/Racial Mind/Soul similar to the human head/brain (the Gaia/Racial Mind duplicates that with Greece as the ajna/brow opposite Hawaii: Europe as right forebrain, Mideast as left... explaining politics, religions, destiny of nations and groups, et al).
Some Reshel graphics:

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/RESHELBASICBBa.pdf schmatic of consciousness and supporting energy systems (half of it, the other half is the same but reversed). The two halve are constantly cycling through each other (and parting) to create and discreate the systems in correct sequence.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ReshelVaults01-02.pdf These are some of the major "Vaults" (reality frames) generated in the cycling. #2, Vault of Passage, is the star tetrahedron or "Flower of Life" most people know about, for example.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ReshelVaults01-01.pdf #6, 7 is the AERIOPAX system. The Reshel with the Aeriopax is the primary driver for Ascension over the many ages (20 cycles) and the system effecting "LP-40" (Light Principle #40) or the actual Time-shift. Thus the huge emphasis on the system in the total existance of this Universe system... last notably used by the Templars and then Masons (they know nothing of it now). Psalm 118:19-28 applies.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ResAeriopax02.pdf Aeriopax's 6 states of being. 16 poles can be used by light-groups to duplicate. This uses two Reshels working together... or more... the geometry uses two. The Reshel is also known as the Techad (innerplanes language) or the "ISIS Eye."


ReshelMeasurementRhombus01.pdf The golden ratio rhombuses are the "Eye of Ra" Time gates/pillars, the two systems noted in Psalm 118... the two pillars/gates are the "Gates of the Righteous" and the central pillar (Layooesh) is the "Gate of the Lord" (Yahway in the Yahway-Elohim formula).

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/Lindis12b.pdf Very interesting use of the Reshel and its Time gates ("L" format, in the rhombus). Uses the Bird-Serpent Staff of Asklepios (John 3:14-15) which activates the Cetacean 13th Zodiacal sign (Delphinus in Capricorn).

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/LindisL11a.pdf Geometry of the Lindisfarne "L", strangely also found in London's grid.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/RosslynPlanLgate01.pdf Reshel and L-gates found in Rosslyn Chapel (partial drawing)... example

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ChartresFront02B.pdf Reshel used at Chartres. This vertical system hinges horizontally so the Rose Window overlaps (L-shifts) to the Labyrinth.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ChartresLabyrinthPulpit02.pdf red dots are where people would be stationed... originally when the cathedral was up to speed, when built. Light groups can duplicate.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ChartresPlanLGate02.pdf Chartres has an L-Gate chapel similar to Rosslyn's. The plan uses 4 Reshels (8-poled ring); only two shown here for simplicity. The Labyrinth Reshel system with Towers, is the main working system. The TEMPLA MAR format is used (graphic above Roil Point, 1st one)

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/MALTAmnajdra01A.pdf example in an ancient temple, at Malta.
I have dozens of earth grid graphics.

Yours Aye,