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Bill Buehler - Reshel Grid Master

Bill Buehler - Reshel Grid Master

William Buehler is a retired U.S. Naval Commander who has an in-depth spiritual overview & expertise of the "Reshel" grids that exist on the planet. He is considered the patriarch of Reshel Grid 'rediscovery', mechanics and function. He is the founder and author of the 'Shamir Letter' . He has accumulated his knowledge over thirty years of intense study & application while interpreting and participating in Light Synergy groups.

A man of integrity, humility and vast knowledge, Bill has profound knowledge on the topic of Reshel Grids, their ancient origin, function and role in the upcoming Ascension.

Bill makes rare appearances - opportunities you do not want to miss.

Email: roslinne@fairpoint.net

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Introduction to Sacred Geometry: The Reshel Grid, the Heart-mind, and the DNA. Charlottesville Workshop By Peter Allen

Introduction to Sacred Geometry: The Reshel Grid, the Heart-mind, and the DNA. Charlottesville Workshop By Peter Allen

Article first published in the Sedona Journal, 2009

by Peter Allen

reshel grid schematic
Basic Reshel Grid Schematic
A long, long time ago our Universe was generated as a relatively temporary reality with the express purpose of creating a new form of human (stellar) race with a much modified version of the 12-strand DNA molecule. This “New Race” would more efficiently unify the three realms: angelic, human and devic. In effect this Universe is parallel with our real one which is in the Metatronic range of Universes, but organized to permit new operative principles relative to Free-Will, albeit at lower frequencies.

This universe experiment developed problems. One of the sub-orders of the Melchizedek Order hoped to correct a problem and was experimenting with an ill-conceived program that created a time implosion in the Lucifer Star-gate, the polar complement to the Christos Star-gate. This event propelled a wave of souls into a half-light universe we now call the Oritronic Universe. In this universe-reality we experience a “Fall Factor” not known in the real Universes; this means that we have radically dropped in energetic frequencies and the quality of consciousness that those energy systems support. One spin-off effect results in death, disease and “evil” as we term it. (This is often unfortunately called “duality” in the Mystic Community, but duality means the ability to be more than one, which is a process of creation.)

The wave of souls who have come here will experience and transcend the Fall Factor while still achieving the original objectives, thereby effectively returning to their normal future real Universe with the higher degree of wisdom and experience possible with the new DNA. The projected “schedule” for achieving the objectives has 20 major civilization cycles, each with its intended curriculum. We are now in the last of the 19th and are rapidly phasing into the 20th in a carefully controlled transition.

After about half a million years of linear time an unprecedented opportunity has been brought forth. The time has come for humankind to raise its collective State of Being and consciousness beyond the paradigm of The Fall. We have the responsibility to co-create with the Earth (as an entity, “Gaia” or “Dion”) and our fellow human beings a return to the Metatronic Ranna Time Wave of Unity Consciousness in all the Universes.

The implications of this shift are staggering. Because it will be a quantum shift, most of the potential realities are inconceivable to us. Those persons not able to transition will re-cycle into temporary shards or unstable Time-reality frames. These will be like pieces of a broken mirror formed by whatever fears and delusions are entertained by the souls who magnetize those particular forms of insanity, “Time” being mainly created by mental thought forms. The fragments will eventually dissolve back into a common Oritronic continuum and the souls will then have to work their way back to the same point again. There are programs in place to phase through marginal souls, but basically you’re either on board or you’re not. This is what we call incentive.

It behooves us then to ask by what means we can safely, effectively and successfully vault ourselves back into the full-light reality from which we fell. Happily, everything we need to achieve this has been placed at our disposal. All that remains now is for us to avail ourselves of it.

About 500,000 years ago the Reshel Grids were installed on Earth by the legions working under the direction of Archangels Michael and Metatron. This program is overseen at the highest level by the Seraphic Ennead (Nine Seraphim) and is being carried out under the Mandate of the Violet Flame, or Michael Mandate, supervised by Archangel Michael. The inner-planes Master or ‘Thoth,” as translated by Maia Nartoomid tells us, “Its purpose is to proclaim and govern the development of Light Redemption within the Oritronic Universe. Its main tenet for Earth is the unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races through the redemption of the Nephilim “Fallen Factor.” Since all races on Earth contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal consciousnesses, this principle of solvency must begin at the DNA level of each individual on the planet.

The Reshel Grids were and are artifact grids using the 3rd Breastplate (of 24) of Metatron. This means they were installed for a specific purpose. In this case the purpose was to provide a spiritual technology that would assist the Human race in achieving a radical leap in consciousness at a specified time in the future. That time is now.

There were two major upgrades of the grid system made in the more recent past. The first was made by the Priests of the Holy Isle of Ruta about 12,000 years ago, before the last of Atlantis went down. This was the undefiled, last outpost of the uncorrupted priests from the fallen civilization of Atlantis. Their Reshel work established the Holy Isle of Ruta (now an undersea mount in the Atlantic, one of the Faraday Seamounts at 49N, 29W) as a key Reshel grid point, and re-invested the American and European systems with light and consciousness.

The second upgrade was installed by the Knights Templar who were established in Jerusalem in 1119 by a group of nine men who initially worked for nine years to excavate the Temple of Solomon.

Over a period of roughly 300 years, they grew into a rich and powerful organization and built a series of Marian Cathedrals and chapels in Europe using sacred geometry, including the Reshel. These sacred temples act as condensers and tuners of the Divine Feminine energy. They are keys for unlocking the prison into which the Goddess energy has been thrown, and generate and disseminate sacred light codes for the resurrection of the fallen female pillar. (The Female Pillar as a state of being and energy-consciousness matrix in the collective World-Soul was seriously collapsed in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis.)

The success of the Ascension rests on this restoration process, for we must ascend in balance. If the male and female energies are represented as the wings of an eagle one can see that it will need both to fly.
In the late 14th century, after an attempt by the King of France to crush the Templars in 1307, a Reshel installation (the Hierarchy anticipating the creation of the Iroquois Confederation and new American nations) was made by an expedition to America led by Sir Henry Sinclair. The essential generative matrix of the North American Arkhom Grid was installed in Nova Scotia to project to the Northeastern US. Then a key coded energy seeding system for the great Bakhira Grid, which covers most of North and South America, was chiseled in stone in what is now Westford, Massachusetts.

Through the Bakhira, communication is made possible between North and South America, which is essential in the uniting of the eagle and the condor. The connection with the more highly-refined European system is established through the Holy Isle of Ruta. These systems have made it possible to prepare North America for its role as the host location for the “Landing of the Dove.”

This event is occurring in stages, the first of which is now, by and large, complete. The second stage is dawning and we are ready to begin building the foundation of the “New Jerusalem.”

A local [Central Virginia] sacred site “Trinity Point” has played an enormous role in our work thus far and will continue to be the central hub for receiving and disseminating vast redemptive light codes for this entire half of the planet.

That’s a quick look at the history of the Reshel and a brief sketch of how it plots out over the planet.
Work is being done now to understand the Reshel on a Galactic level and to install the Reshel in the Racial Mind/Soul (World Soul) as well as in one’s personal light body.

This star map information and the installation processes need a great deal more space and time to explore, and we will begin to open up to them in the near future.

Now let’s look at the Reshel Grid itself.

The word “Reshel” is a Hebrew word that means “Chief Headstone of God”. “Resh” means “Chief Headstone” and “El” means “God.” It can’t be an accident that the essential time-gate mechanism in the Reshel matrix is called the “L-gate” or “El-gate.” The L-gate consists of two lines from a right triangle that are in a Phi relationship–1 to 1.618…, an infinite (i.e. irrational) number, mathematically expressing our relationship with God. In fact each geometric component of the Reshel grid contains the Phi relationship, the most sacred proportional interaction in our universe and the driver of evolution.

The Phi spiral, or, actually, its finite-world corollary, the Fibonacci sequence, is seen everywhere in nature. All natural forms express the Phi proportion. The great Marian Cathedrals built by the Knights Templar incorporate Phi throughout all their component part relationships.

The “L” glyph represents the two axes of a golden ratio rhombus format that is the more complete system for Time gates and associated manifestation events. The rhombus is also a pillar or light-tube system, an important dynamic in using the Pillars of the Temple and other pillar or tower applications. There are characteristically two pillars/gates with a central one known as the “Layooesh Pillar” in contemporary mysticism (Psalm 118: 19-23 applies).

The form of the Reshel is seen as two pentagonally-generated triangles or “Spear points” from the 5-pointed star that join either at the bases or tips as they “flash” between the two forms of universes through a universe of infinite possibility called the “neutra” universe (this process is usually called the “Flashing Universe” although three universe forms are employed). An internal matrix of nine sacred “poles” construct two more sacred triangles and interact as they cross between universes providing communication both between universes and between those universes and ourselves.

Since the flashing universe system can access all Universes—they all use it, including ours—the Reshel system can safely connect real and fallen versions of Anti-matter and Matter formats. New ARK systems, now being rebooted in the World Soul, appear to make this process more precise, expanded, and efficient. (This is in keeping with the rapidly-evolving state of the World Soul.)

The source of the Reshel is from the third of the 24 breastplates of Metatron. Its position, linked with the new ARK physically installed in a human, gives it tremendous power as a heart conditioner. It bears mentioning here that recent studies in geneto-biology have shown a direct link between heart electricity and the DNA. The DNA is programmed by the electricity of the heart. When you are feeling love, the electrical charge of the heart, as measured by spectrum analysis, approaches Phi. The Phi ratio allows electrical power to change harmonic octaves without losing any power or information.

Twenty cycles of time have been allotted for the Ascension Program. We are now fast approaching the end of the 19th cycle and transitioning into the 20th.(NB: This article was written in 2009-9.)Each cycle builds a portion of a synergistic creation matrix in non-linear time. Ultimately this will unify the Nephilim (Fallen Factor) and Solarian (Unfallen) Light Races through the redemption of the Nephilim. Since all human races contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal consciousnesses, the principle of solvency must occur beginning at the DNA level of each individual on the planet.

Intensive work must be done on the mental and etheric planes where Time is defined, and the Reshel grid has been designed to be uniquely useful in this respect. This inner-planes work will establish a basic grid orientation or Critical Rotational Position (CRP) which will attune the X-gram (grid) to the desired reinitiating position. At this point the link to the full-light Ranna Time Wave will be made and the transition gate will open between realities. Through this process a new possibility will have been engendered, that of the fully Christed Human. For this being there will be no limits.

The Reshel program is rapidly upgrading and as of the writing of this article (2008-9) there are two recent upgrades of tremendous importance: (1) the Ark generation in the world soul, including in physical humans, and (2) a massive shift in the world soul involving hundreds of thousands of souls called “Titans.” These beings generally fit the profile of warrior/priests and operate only in the fallen continuum; they specialize in dealing with severe problems when the race and earth are threatened.

The Ark system is a system for generation of the New Race and related DNA and operates in every atom, galaxy and thought form. It is an interface matrix providing all humans with a wider range of managing consciousness/energies with the neutra universe. Maia Nartoomid, channel for Thoth Raismes, says, “The new Arks are a much higher and more dimensional type of communication vector. They inscribe into Numis‘Om (the New Earth Star) the key creation codes from what Thoth calls the diamond star systems of the Metatronic universe.”

I would like to close this short article with a statement made by Bill Buehler, the world’s leading authority and proponent of the Reshel, when he was asked to sum up his work:

This is more than a New age. It is the completion of the work of all the ages: to create a new future that has always been created—our return into the Ranna Time Wave or Metatronic reality…  My main message is that we have no other more demanding task now as souls and as a cosmic race than to facilitate the Ascension and to realize our initial objective in creating the new DNA.
“Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono.”
 (The life of the land is perpetuated in Righteousness.)

Peter Allen talking about Reshel Grids on Blog Talk Radio

Peter Allen - Ley Lines, Reshel Grids, Opening the Heart

by The Lois Wetzel Show


Introduction to Sacred Geometry: The Reshel Grid, the Heart-mind, and the DNA
By Peter Allen
Body, Mind, Spirit Center for the Healing Arts
923 Preston Plaza, Preston Ave., Charlottesville
Saturday, July 25, 2009
9:00 am – 4:30 pm

This class synthesizes scientific and spiritual technologies proposed by leading new paradigm thinkers, and draws a path for ascension using the inherent geometry of the human body as a resonant vehicle for universal transformation.

Presenter Peter Allen will be introducing concepts developed by the work of Rev. William Buehler, Dan Winter, Nassim Haramein, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Drunvalo Melchizedek, and others.

Through these various perspectives, an inevitable conclusion is revealed, that the heart-mind is the doorway to the universe of unity consciousness, the next evolutionary step in human development.

The ramifications are breathtaking, including the end of disease, lack, hatred, and the development of highly refined paranormal abilities as a baseline reality for all. In this reality ecstasy would be the lowest emotional state.

Simple, easily repeatable processes will be offered for experiential path-making.
To register : It’s OK to pay at the door : $44.44. A phone call or email would be great as a RSVP so we can know how many to expect.

For more information call Peter Allen at 434-465-1128


Peter Allen's article was recently published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

You can see a video of a recent workshop sponsored by Peter Allen of the Jaia Devi Ascension Network on You Tube

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Basic Bill Links

Homepage is at

Attachments need GOOGLE EARTH to open. This is very useful to grid workers.

Greetings Reshel-Pat,

Our leader in Hawaii was named Patricia-Rachel Diegel... responsible for rebooting the Reshel system(s) in the early 1970s, died a number of years ago. A few dozen of us were from a future ashram at Wolf-Creek Pass, come back in Time to do the job. Pat's future self ran the Ashram, named ORION.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/Titan03a.pdf The center of this primary Reshel grid (Europe Goddess system) is La Rochelle, Templar sea port... same as Reshel in French and appropriately the female Chief Head Stone.

http://www.templartrails.co.uk/tours/reshel.aspx Jackie Queally uses it (with others) to teach the Reshel to her tour-workshop clients.

http://www.templartrails.co.uk/tours/rosslyn.aspx her typical programe at Rosslyn and area.

Then you've probably heard of Peter Champoux and his Arkhom Grid covering the Eastern US/Canada (and beyond). Arkhom was known to the Atlan Rutan priests as the "Gamiish" grid and was rebooted by the Henry Sinclair mission in 1398 CE. Peter has a book THE GAIA MATRIX you might wish to have. (Trinity Point is included in the Westford Knight schematic you will have heard about from the others there.)

This phamphlet (KOALA) is the best I've found for describing the cosmology most accurately supporting the Metatronic systems (24 Breasplates) and Reshel systems (3rd Breastplate). It describes the Fall, natrure of Time, the real Universes, etc.

Apparently our Universe reality was created to create a new form of human with a new form of the normal 12-strand DNA molecule. The "Fall" is just a side distraction albeit highly distracting. We are given 20 cycles to accomplish that, we're in the last of the 19th and are now overlapping into the 20th. The 19th began when Atlantis finally went down (about 9500 BCE in linear Time). The Michael Mandate refers:
(Thoth/Maia Nartoomid): "MANDATE OF THE VIOLET FLAME: (MICHAEL MANDATE: Root of the ABACUS MANDATE, a simplified summary.)

"Established by the AMETHYST THRONE (high level of Archangelic Hierarchy) under the authority of the Archangel Michael to proclaim and govern the development of Light Redemption within the Oritronic Universe.

"It's main tenet for Earth is the unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races, through the redemption of the Nephilim "Fallen Factor". Since all human races on Earth contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal consciousness', this principle of solvency must occur beginning at the DNA level of each individual on the planet.
" The Nature Races (Devas, animals) are also involved in the synergy of Light Forms toward development of full Light Metatronic receipt. All beings on Earth share in this program of Light Redemption."

Hawaii is the Roil/Royale pole accessing the whole Gaia/Racial Mind/Soul similar to the human head/brain (the Gaia/Racial Mind duplicates that with Greece as the ajna/brow opposite Hawaii: Europe as right forebrain, Mideast as left... explaining politics, religions, destiny of nations and groups, et al).
Some Reshel graphics:

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/RESHELBASICBBa.pdf schmatic of consciousness and supporting energy systems (half of it, the other half is the same but reversed). The two halve are constantly cycling through each other (and parting) to create and discreate the systems in correct sequence.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ReshelVaults01-02.pdf These are some of the major "Vaults" (reality frames) generated in the cycling. #2, Vault of Passage, is the star tetrahedron or "Flower of Life" most people know about, for example.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ReshelVaults01-01.pdf #6, 7 is the AERIOPAX system. The Reshel with the Aeriopax is the primary driver for Ascension over the many ages (20 cycles) and the system effecting "LP-40" (Light Principle #40) or the actual Time-shift. Thus the huge emphasis on the system in the total existance of this Universe system... last notably used by the Templars and then Masons (they know nothing of it now). Psalm 118:19-28 applies.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ResAeriopax02.pdf Aeriopax's 6 states of being. 16 poles can be used by light-groups to duplicate. This uses two Reshels working together... or more... the geometry uses two. The Reshel is also known as the Techad (innerplanes language) or the "ISIS Eye."


ReshelMeasurementRhombus01.pdf The golden ratio rhombuses are the "Eye of Ra" Time gates/pillars, the two systems noted in Psalm 118... the two pillars/gates are the "Gates of the Righteous" and the central pillar (Layooesh) is the "Gate of the Lord" (Yahway in the Yahway-Elohim formula).

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/Lindis12b.pdf Very interesting use of the Reshel and its Time gates ("L" format, in the rhombus). Uses the Bird-Serpent Staff of Asklepios (John 3:14-15) which activates the Cetacean 13th Zodiacal sign (Delphinus in Capricorn).

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/LindisL11a.pdf Geometry of the Lindisfarne "L", strangely also found in London's grid.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/RosslynPlanLgate01.pdf Reshel and L-gates found in Rosslyn Chapel (partial drawing)... example

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ChartresFront02B.pdf Reshel used at Chartres. This vertical system hinges horizontally so the Rose Window overlaps (L-shifts) to the Labyrinth.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ChartresLabyrinthPulpit02.pdf red dots are where people would be stationed... originally when the cathedral was up to speed, when built. Light groups can duplicate.

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/ChartresPlanLGate02.pdf Chartres has an L-Gate chapel similar to Rosslyn's. The plan uses 4 Reshels (8-poled ring); only two shown here for simplicity. The Labyrinth Reshel system with Towers, is the main working system. The TEMPLA MAR format is used (graphic above Roil Point, 1st one)

http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/MALTAmnajdra01A.pdf example in an ancient temple, at Malta.
I have dozens of earth grid graphics.

Yours Aye,